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Trail Adventure Awaits!


Trail Adventure Awaits

I love nature and walking in the woods. The sounds of small creatures scurrying around and the birds talking with each other. It eases the stress of the day and worries seem less important. It is like I belong to something more than myself, something more than my era. Worries are put into perspective as I pass trees that are much older than myself and that will easily surpass my lifetime.

Several years ago I would have hesitated to walk in the forest, not being able to find hiking boots that were wide enough for me. Knowing deep down that croc-like footwear was really not the right footwear for hiking . I should be enjoying the trail, not worrying if I was going to lose a shoe on an errant root sticking out of the ground. Or worse, feel every rock that I stepped on. I needed decent hiking boots that fit.

After some trial and error, I found these great hiking boots from New Balance.

Now that I have my wider hiking boots, my feet are comfortable and I can keep up with my hiking buddy. No more searching in vain for a bench so that I can rest my feet. The forest belongs to all of us.

I hope that you have some decent hiking boots or shoes. If not, check out our selection and get out on the trails! Happy hiking!!


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